She’s just a Strong Woman who wants more out of Life.

Her only goal in life is not to be someone’s wife.

Marriage and kids is cute but financial security first.

She will not rest until she builds her Empire.

She came to conquer, a lot more than just a man’s heart.

Does that make her a Feminist? If you say so.

Men chase her while she chases Success.

They find her scary, not the type to marry.

But she’s not in a hurry; she’s enjoying every step of her journey.

People criticize her saying: “She can’t keep a man”, “She works too much”,

While they keep talking, she just bought herself a brand new Porsche.

When the time is right, she’ll pick the man she desires.

Someone that will level up to her standards.

He has to be smart,open-minded,kind,patient,faithful,ambitious,

He has to help with household chores and with the kids,

He has to have a job of course, and a good salary.

He has to have his own house, his own car, and the list goes on!

Potential candidates shouldn’t be afraid of rejection.

She wants to be a priority not an option!

Does that make her a Feminist? If you say so.

She wants a real life partner to push her to the top.

Not someone who will be intimidated by her success and drag her down.

She’s not afraid to be alone until she finds that special someone.

She wants stability but not at the cost of her brilliant destiny.

FEMINIST” They call her.

Because she’s not trying to fit in a mold.

Because she won’t always keep quiet and do as she’s told.

They assume something has to be wrong with her.

Maybe she’s just a Strong woman that knows what she wants.

Maybe they need to think out of the box and set theirselves free.

There’s nothing wrong about chasing your dreams.

No it’s not always easy as it seems.

But she keeps her head up high and her eyes on the prize.

Even in a men’s world, She deserves her seat at the table.

Career-wise, if She believes she has the abilities for a position,

She’ll definitely go for it without a question!

Your judgements won’t stop her to excel.

Do not project your fears on her.

Where you have failed, she will succeed.

Where you have struggled, she will survive.

No, she’s not afraid to be portrayed as a FEMINIST. If you say so.

“When they can't handle your Greatness ,they try to kill the myth around you.” ~MrsKiss Kay

Nowadays, you’re a Feminist when you break the codes of a traditional woman.

You’re a Feminist when you don't follow the path they traced for you.

You’re a Feminist when you dare to contradict a man.

You’re a Feminist when you know your worth and won’t tolerate a man’s misbehaviour.

If being a Feminist is wanting to be heard,acknowledged,respected.Then maybe being a Feminist,is what every woman should aspire to be.

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