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Where is My African Eldorado?

This land that breathes "Good living together" and where Peace reigns.

This land that abounds in valiant men and women, who work hard to feed their children.

Its soil is so rich in natural resources that there is enough for all its inhabitants.

We have leaders who promote Entrepreneurship, Education and develop health infrastructures at the speed of light.

Artisans are living off the work of their talented hands, and small businesses are coming back to life.

Big companies create jobs by giving the new generation a chance.

We consume local products in order to promote the expansion of multiple local businesses.

There is no room for bribery on this land.

There is a real spirit of solidarity and fraternity, everyone reaches out to you if you have an issue.

The economy is in full swing.

We do not dream of a better life elsewhere because our hearts are content with what we have.

That's how I've always imagined it : My African Eldorado.

Unfortunately, as time goes by, I feel it slipping through my hands.

My heart tightens when I see my people crumbling under the weight of difficulties.

They no longer have Hope, they would give anything to leave the land of their ancestors.

Their only wish is to go far away ,and start all over.

And so, in wanting to drown their sorrows, to leave everything behind for a better tomorrow,

My brothers and sisters along with their children,set out to sea, leaving me on the shore.

They said they wanted to escape this misery.

There was a glow on the other side that drew them in.

So they crammed into this raft, convinced they had made the right decision.

Since this African Eldorado was pure illusion.

This glow was mystical, the closer they tried to get to it, the further away it got.

Unluckily for them, The flood came without warning and ravaged everything in its path.

All their plans for a better Life,turned into aches.

By wanting to get closer to their dreams, they perished under the water.

I rise up against all the protagonists of this tragic outcome.

Unfortunately, in this situation, we all have our share of responsibility.

Starting with those Settlers who divided us in order to rule better, and above all to plunder us.

They supposedly had compassion for this poor African continent, that really needed their expertise to go forward.

It was as a result of their promises full of good will, that our heads of state sold us at a dereasonable price, sometimes reluctantly.

Those who refused to follow the guidelines were executed or imprisoned for crimes against humanity.

To escape this, they served them the Lion's share of our natural resources on a gold platter.

These Settlers stuffed themselves and threw the bones at us.

Today some Westerners despise us and call us thirsty and hungry.

They close their borders on us without mercy.

Because for them, we come to take advantage of their system.

How ironic!

Payback time has come !

"He who sows chaos on the land of others harvest migration flows to his own land." ~MrsKiss Kay

Let me tell you that in spite of your plots and our corrupt leaders, My African Eldorado will rise !

We’ve been through wars that may have brought us to our knees, but we stood back up like warriors!

When you survived the worst, well, only the best can happen.

Together we put a STOP to this spirit of servitude.

You won't be able to take any more of our wealth.

We will no longer serve as guinea pigs on which you can test your vaccines.

Our destiny belongs to us!

We put a STOP to your disregard.

We put a STOP to this inferiority complex towards The West.

They are not white as snow.

And over there, it's not a permanent paradise.

How about we all stop selling a fake life to our brothers and sisters who've never travelled?

What if we tell them honestly about our struggles?

What if we reasoned with them by explaining that being on the other side can sometimes be worse than staying here?

Maybe, we'll save many from disappearing into the night. And some of them may be less ashamed to come back to their homeland.

For those who have left and regret, it is never too late!

If they don't appreciate you for what you are, to us, you remain the worthy children of the country.

You are Gold mines and your country needs your valuable help.

If by the circumstances of life, you happen to fulfill your dreams abroad, it's no big deal,

Just don't forget to share your knowledge, invest in local projects for the benefit of your people.

May each of us play our part, to restore the honour of Our African Eldorado.

He was ivorian and only 14 .He had decided to fly to another destiny without his family even knowing. Unfortunately he was found dead in the landing gear of the airplane in France.
A small thought for Laurent-Barthélémy Ani Guibahi, one more angel in the sky.
We will never forget you. Guess what, my little Laurent? There's your beautiful portrait of 10 meters long on a wall in Paris. We contemplate you and we regret your passing.
Your soul may rest in peace now,for your cry of despair has been heard.
All together we commit ourselves to counseling the youth, so we won't ever lose them in such dramatic situations.

Paris is Yours,Now and Forever.

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