Quarantine : A new Beginning

Mis à jour : 27 avr. 2020

Sometimes human beings need an electroshock in order to realise they have been taking life’s little pleasures for granted.

We like to be in control of every aspects of our lives and feel constantly Free.Being able to do what we want, whenever we want, with whom we want at any time we want.So having to deal with a situation that is beyond our control and affects our Freedom is psychologically draining. We feel emprisonned,hopeless and submitted to the desires of a virus.

We are indeed living a tough situation all around the world but that should be a wake up call for us.It is time to understand that there is a bigger force above us that actually has THE Power.I truly believe that God is Sovereign over all.We should stay connected to him at all times.Our spirituality is an aspect of our life that we should nourish.

Unfortunately we have decided to give Power to foolish things such as Money,Clothes,Cars,Phones,Social media..etc Material and virtual things that will fade away inevitably.

We live in a cold world and a distorted society where the priorities aren’t straight.Maybe it’s time we stop paying too much attention to our appearance and focus on our behaviour.

When is the last time any of us did something nice for a complete stranger ?When is the last time we spent quality time with our loved ones without being distracted or interrupted by social media notifications?When is the last time we went for a walk and really connected with nature ?

Our body is confined but Our soul & mind aren’t..Let’s use this time wisely to work on ourselves,on new projects.Let’s invest our time into learning new things..It could surprisingly become a true passion.Something we were always destined to do but just didn’t have the time and energy.

In your daily routine you sometimes neglect certain aspects that weaken your marriage.Being confined together 24/7 can be a second chance to identify what needs improvement and work on it together as a team.It is time to give another dynamic to your couple and look at your partner in a different way.It’s time to pamper your kids and find fulfillment in it.Embrace the beautiful family that you have,especially when you have the chance to spend time with them,unlike our medical specialists on the front lines battling COVID-19.

If you are single and living this tough situation all alone. How about redirecting your time and energy where it is the most needed at this particular time,help your community,volunteer,learn new things as well..And don’t worry too much about finding that special someone.Love comes when you least expect it.

For all the ones who have lost a loved one to the Corona virus,I’m sending all my love&prayers to you.May God be your shelter,May your family be your support.You are still alive for a reason,Live for them,do the things that would make them happy.

The best for last.For all our medical specialists,our nurses,all the medical workers in the hospitals,you are true heroes.You will never be forgotten,all your actions today are for a better tomorrow.Thank you for your courage,for risking your life,for the kindness of your heart,for your sacrifices.And Thank you for keeping on fighting for us.Because we care about you and the difficult situation you’re going through,we are staying Home as long as necessary.

After the confinement,I hope our mentalities will change for the best.I hope we won’t take anything for granted anymore.I hope we will be more appreciative of the little things in Life.I hope we will find time to pursue our dreams and live our passion.I hope we won’t wait for another tragedy to show love and solidarity to complete strangers.I hope we will take better care of our souls.

« Enjoy the little things in Life,for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things» Robert Brault

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