I always wondered what makes a person feel whole and at peace with oneself?How do you cultivate your inner peace, and how does it have an impact on the choices you make ?I feel like a lot of people are so caught up in their daily challenges that they sometimes forget that being in perfect harmony with oneself is crucial.I’ve seen wealthy and good looking people that looked dissatisfied.Yet,I’ve seen poor people that were in perfect harmony with themselves.What a contrast !

I’ve come to learn that Happiness & Serenity does not always come from having it all.For that being at peace with yourself, is being content with what you have, and being aligned with who you are. That inner peace can come from self-love, which in turn can lead to self-confidence.Think of it as a spectrum that includes all shades of your personality.There is not one shade that rubs off on the other, because they come together as one,and that creates a radiant human being.

Loving yourself is the best decision that you can ever make.Because Life is not always going to smile at you,you may lose companionship on the way,True Love,Wealth,Good Health. But never fall into that ditch, which is losing yourself. No matter what happens,always choose to go forward by putting yourself FIRST.I know that Loving yourself and being confident is sometimes interpreted as being full of yourself. Always surround yourself with people who are wise enough to make the difference.

So many people seem to love themselves and look self-confident, but when you dig deeper they don’t love themselves enough or at all,they tolerate their existence. Some people worked hard all their lives to accomplish a lot so that they can be proud of themselves through someone else’s eyes. That’s why you see celebrities,even icons that have fans all around the world ,live a sad life.Some fall into the tricks of addictions,some become depressed because they cannot cope with the pressure of being a superstar and end up losing themselves in the process. Many of celebrity suicides came as shocking to a lot of people, because these celebrities seemed to have it all and to be well-rounded.

Turns out,there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.They may look perfectly fine when surrounded by tons of people who scream their name but when the show is over,that the curtain falls,they are alone with themselves.The question is : Do they really enjoy their own company?

What about you ?Do you enjoy your own company ?Or do you always rely on friends to go to the movies,restaurant,shopping..etc ?Do you always follow the crowd ,instead of following your own path ? Society has formatted our spirits into thinking that someone eating alone at a table or going alone to the movies, is a lonely person.While, this person is just spending some time with oneself,enjoying oneself.For some it’s therapeutic,for others, it’s just enjoying their own company.The truth is,you can be surrounded by a million people but you will always feel alone if you stay in other people’s shadow.Do whatever makes you happy and most importantly trust your own judgement .

It comes to show, Fame means nothing if you’re not a fan of yourself.It applies to celebrities but to anonymous people as well.You can accomplish everything in the world but if you don’t love yourself nor believe in yourself, you will always feel that void in your heart ,that nobody could ever fill,except yourself.

I think that self-love definitely makes room for self-confidence.Once you start loving yourself with all your flaws,there is a natural self-confidence that comes along with it.It also works the opposite way.If you do not love yourself,self-confidence cannot shine from within.The two are closely related.

Not loving yourself and lacking self-confidence, can also come from the traumas of your childhood.You have to do the psychological work,dig deeper and find the root causes to this problem.Once the cause is clearly identified,you can take measures, step by step, to break from these misconceptions you had of yourself and move forward.No one can do the work for you.It has to be a personal approach.

If you fail to work on your self-love issues,chances can be that you find yourself trapped into a toxic relationship or surrounded by toxic people.Indeed,people that don’t believe in themselves are good preys for narcissistic perverts or violent men/women.These abusers feed off your lack of self-confidence.

Narcissistic perverts come in your life and present themselves as ideal persons, everything that you’ve ever dreamed of.But in silence, they analyse you and once they find your Achilles' heel, they use it against you ,progressively.They love being in control of everything,especially of one’s emotions.So when they feel that you need to be reassured,you need extra attention because you lack self-confidence,they will give you all the attention necessary in the beginning, to make you codependent.And then,when you are totally under their grip,they will hit you hard and break your soul.

Therefater,your lack of self-love and self-confidence will get even worse because no matter how bad that person will treat you,you will keep thinking that you are lucky to have that person in your Life.You will even think that you deserve all the pain,all the beating, because you are worthless.Love yourself enough to never allow anybody to treat you miserably.Find the courage to leave a situation that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled. I know that it's easier said than done, but you have to preserve your sanity. You deserve to live not survive.

"The lack of Self-love is so deep that you will give the power to anybody to fill that void.When that somebody can only be you".~MrsKiss Kay

Sometimes you envy other women/other men walking in the streets,in the workplace,thinking they are better than you.There’s something radiant in them that attracts everybody.Don’t look too far,they are just self-confident and love themselves.You attract what you portray of yourself. Therefore,when you feel good about yourself,you can only attract positivity.

Self-love is the beauty that shines from within,let it come to life !

No matter what you’ve been through in Life,always see yourself as a warrior instead of a failure.

Trust yourself to take out the best in you ,instead of allowing someone else to give you validation for everything.

“Self-love is the unconditional love and respect that you have for yourself that is so deep, so solid, so unwavering that you choose only situations and relationships - including the one you have with yourself that reflect that same unconditional love and respect.” - Christine Arylo

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