If you look in your circle, you've probably already been around these confident, self-assured, good-looking people who see you as a threat. They're at a stage in their lives where they excel in their professional fields, and you're at a stage in your life where you need advice and strategies to succeed. You see them as successful role models, which is why you ask for their help. These people will pretend to encourage you, make promises to boost their professional networks in order to find you a job opportunity or help you develop your business...etc. But behind their mischievous smiles, lies an unhealthy desire to see you not reach your goals.

This is a sad reality that is rampant in our societies, namely the fear of reaching out to others, under the pretext that the person may overshadow them.

The idea that to be successful one must be selfish, is wrongly anchored in the minds of many influential men and women. According to them,being successful implies discrediting others, sometimes sending them down the wrong path or even trampling them underfoot. Wanting at all costs to establish your power and despise others, is the behaviour that some successful people adopt. They want to remain the leaders of the game and hold all the cards.

The fact is, some people want you to succeed, but they don't want you to rise to their level.

How many times have you asked a friend in the business for advice on investment opportunities without getting a response? How many times have you shared your projects with those around you, only to see them realize those dreams for you? Be careful who you entrust your ingenious ideas to, they will make them their own and take all the credit for you.

We have to fight this idea that to be successful you have to be selfish.To support this thesis, they will quote some of the great names in Fashion, Finance, all fields, people who have excelled in their careers, precisely because they were unbearable and terrorized their collaborators.

"Success has no merit if you don't take someone to the top with you. Raising others up will only make you greater." ~Mrskiss Kay

Many personalities, powerful men and women are certainly a must in their fields, but they are not true leaders.

«In management,Leadership is the ability to mobilize the resources of employees to achieve the objectives set. The notion of leadership does not include that of abusive authority, it is a person, who dominates others in his field in quality.» Source Linternaute

Hence,A true leader must bring out the best in you.

A true leader seeks to build on the strengths of others, not on their weaknesses.

A true leader does not abuse his power, on the contrary, he gives others the opportunity to shine.

Unfortunately, some people are in a power struggle with their co-workers or employees. Their only goal is to keep their position, honorific title, and salary. But they don't care about creating a favourable atmosphere to pull others up. The secret of their success is well kept, as if someone is going to steal it from them. It's a total blackout.

"Titles, Fame, Opulence are only temporary, what remains is the positive impact one has had on the lives of others." ~MrsKiss Kay

What's unfortunate is that they will never encourage you in your projects. They will find a thousand of reasons why your project will not succeed and will often make you give up, just to see you stagnate. And even when, despite their reluctance, you take the plunge, they won't lift a finger to advertise you nor congratulate you. They will wait for the slightest opportunity for your project to fail to tell you that they warned you.

If you have a constructive project, believe in it hard and give yourself the means to carry it out. You don't always need a third party’s validation to get started. Trust yourself. To succeed you have to be perseverent, and never let yourself be discouraged. In life, you won't always get a helping hand, so be prepared to pave your own way.

Altruism is a virtue that must be cultivated in our relationship with others for the benefit of all. We do not have to be a portrait of the selfish society in which we live in.

Life is so short and full of surprises. The one who was despised yesterday and treated as a subordinate can become an emblematic personality. So let's treat everyone with respect, whether in the workplace or in our private lives. Let's take advantage of the opportunities we are given to share good investment plans with our friends, recommend the businesses of our loved ones, really activate our network to find a job for someone close to us. Let's seize the opportunity to share our knowledge, train others, and build our success on healthy foundations.

This way, we will be the best Leaders of tomorrow.

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