It always starts like the perfect Love story,

She was living her moment, on the edge of glory.

He was everything that she has been waiting for,

Nothing like the ones she’s dated before.

Their chemistry was out of this world,

There’s something about him, that made her head twirl.

He read in her like an open book,

He had the perfect words,the perfect look.

She was living a waking dream,

Everything was as beautiful as it seemed.

And All of a sudden, her world collapsed.

The scales were falling off, at last.

Her prince charming was a complex character.

She clearly missed a whole chapter.

Finally,He only told her what she wanted to know,

And she only saw what he wanted to show.

He hid quite well his insecurities and flaws,

He had this dark side that you couldn’t ignore.

When the mask fell ,She couldn’t believe what she saw,

A broken man with his pieces shattered on the floor.

She tried to fix him but he hurt her even more.

Nothing looked right for him, all she did was wrong,

He played with her feelings like ping pong.

Surprisingly,In the midst of chaos,their love was growing strong.

And one day, The Good fairy whispered in her ears :

« Stay strong,patient and resilient,
Love is a battlefield, you have to fight till the end,
and like a phoenix ,True Love will always rise from its ashes».

Thus,she stood up and decided to win this battle,

She will find the masterpiece to the puzzle.

She was bold enough to tame his dark side,

But not stupid enough to let real love slide.

Because Real love is not always a fairytale,

You have to earn your happy ending.

You either choose to win or you fail,

But You can’t give up without trying.

There is no such thing as a « Perfect couple »,

I believe in two imperfect people perfect for each other.

"Real Love is not magic like in Beauty & The Beast,
The Magic is to find the Beauty in the Beast".~MrsKiss Kay

And then you’ll live happily ever after,

Because you both choose to NEVER give up on each other.

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